Scottsdale has many modern furniture stores offering a wide array of bedroom furniture. If you have recently moved into a new apartment or home, creating a useful, restful bedroom space is important. Placement of the bed is the main consideration, as your bed will likely be the largest furniture item in the bedroom. We'll go over some tips to think about when placing your bed.

furniture stores in Scottsdale

Master Bedroom

  • In a square room, the best placement of a larger bed is usually against the center of the wall opposite the doorway. This allows plenty of space to walk around and to space out other furniture.
  • Make sure your bed placement won't impede your access to the entrance, closet, or other bedroom furniture such as a dresser or chest. In addition, you should make sure you have at least 18" of space on both sides of the bed.
  • Most designers urge people not to place their beds under a window. However, in Scottsdale, you'll probably have the air conditioning in use much of the year instead of opening the windows, so this may not apply.
  • Depending on the side of your room and the bedroom furniture, you may want to consider a non-traditional placement for the bed, such as diagonally against a corner if it frees up more space and access to the rest of the bedroom furniture. If you have two exposures in the room, this will allow for a cross breeze if you open the windows on cool nights.
  • Small bedside tables or nightstands are extremely handy and usually will fit well beside the bed.

Guest Bedroom

  • As these rooms are usually smaller than the master, you may opt for a sofa bed or daybed fitted up against a wall. This will free up the room for other uses, such as a home office, when no guests are there.
  • Keep in mind the flow of traffic and access to all essentials as you did with the master.

Child's Bedroom

  • Most children sleep in single or bunk beds. These can be placed either with the head against the wall or the side, depending on what works best in a particular room.
  • Avoid placing the bed under a window to avoid any light shining on the child or a breeze blowing directly on him.
  • Make sure that the child can see the entrance and closet doors easily from the bed. This will keep him from getting spooked by the thought that a door can open without his knowing.

furniture stores in Scottsdale

One good way to plan your bed placement is to use a grid that corresponds to the size of the room, either a paper grid or a computer grid. This way you can try different placements of your bedroom furniture and view the pros and cons of each arrangement before you actually move any furniture.

Many furniture stores in Scottsdale have personnel who will be glad to discuss any questions you have about bedroom furniture placement and what will work best with your space. Take advantage of their expertise.