Before you showcase your backyard, make sure it’s designed the way you want. You’ll need to take into account the way your yard is shaped and how you will get water to your plants. You’ll also need to consider how much a redesign will cost. There are also other elements you’ll need to consider down below.


When designing your backyard space, you’ll need to consider what kind of outdoor furniture you want. What color scheme will you use? What size of furniture will you have? What material will it be made of? Ideally, you’d want a color scheme that isn’t likely to go out of style soon. You’d also want furniture that is comfortable and can seat a good amount of people who are visiting. Outdoor furniture should be durable to the elements, such as the hot sun or dust that is prevalent in the Arizona desert.


The lighting for your backyard should be bright enough to see the yard at night but not too distracting. You’ll need to consider lighting up walkways for people to get around. If you have a beautiful garden, you could put lights throughout your plants to showcase your hard work.

The type of lightbulbs matter, too. You’ll need to use bulbs that are long lasting and easy to power. Some people use solar panel lights for their backyards. According to Sonoma Backyard, switching to yellow light bulbs can deter pests from invading your outdoor space.


Every plot of land is going to have different nutrient and moisture levels. For your property, you’ll need to see what kind of plants would thrive in your backyard’s environment. For instance, if your area is considerably dry, you should consider getting plants like acacia or cacti that will thrive in that climate. You’ll also need to consider how your plants will look when fully grown. If a plant is too tall, it can shadow other plants and your yard won’t look as good. Evergreen Turf recommends climbing plants as a way to add height to your greenery in the desert, so do your research and plan your garden accordingly.

Having a beautiful backyard is both satisfying and rewarding. Your guests will appreciate all the work and time you put into it. If you are unsure how to design your yard, consider getting a landscaper to help.

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