In designing a room, you generally start with the big pieces—furniture, wall color, and rugs. But the look you want to achieve won’t be complete until you focus on the details. A few small touches can add interest and character to any room.

Wall Art

With wall art, you can express your individuality and your passions while also enhancing the style of your room. A single large piece can make a bold statement, or you may decide to arrange a few smaller pieces. Aim for both variety and harmony, that is, pieces that stand out but also work together for a unified look.

While paintings are great, let your creativity take you beyond the traditional by trying metal work and natural wood to new textures to your walls. Just about any object can be hung on the wall, such as baskets, hats, even vintage sports equipment.

Add Plants

Decorating with plants is classic and blends with any style décor. Plants bring a feeling of nature indoors and help freshen the air. Some plants have a strong scent that can repel pests. All provide a calming presence that sets a restful mood.

You can use plants in any room. Greet your guests in the foyer with a large, bushy plant like a fiddle-leaf fig or bamboo palm. In the kitchen, line up pots of fresh herbs on a windowsill. Bathrooms are great places for plants that like humidity. In the lower light of a bedroom, a philodendron or spider plant will do well.

Use Lights

Creative lighting can emphasize a focal point or set the atmosphere in a room. This can be achieved through the type of light fixtures or lamps you choose and by strategic placement of lights. Careful mixing styles, heights, and materials can light the room well and design a one-of-a-kind look.

 Think about using smaller lights as accents and mood-setters. Use under-cabinet lights beneath a shelf to illuminate a wall hanging or use a wall sconce to light up a dark corner. LED strip lights are especially versatile and come in many sizes.

 With any home decorating project, you’ll want to start slowly and choose your pieces carefully. But, as you add the finishing touches to your home design, let your imagination lead you. It’s these small touches where your individual personality and lifestyle can make the room truly your own.

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