The Best Contemporary Bar Stools

The bar stool is an important element for the kitchen or the bar. In addition to its practical side, it plays an important role in design. A modern furniture store will have multiple options for you to choose from. If you intend to opt for this urban furniture, we recommend going through a couple of questions before making your purchase. These questions will help you choose the best contemporary bar stools.

best contemporary bar stools

What Stool Height Do Modern Furniture Stores Recommend?

The height is very important because it must match the height of the table or counter. In addition, it's important who the user will be. For children, it is recommended to opt for lower height to avoid accidents. The functionality and ergonomics of the stool will depend greatly on the height. If you have trouble making a decision, you can try one of the height-adjustable stools.

What Style Should I Buy?

It's crucial that your stool goes perfectly with your decor. That's why we must not neglect the overall designs of you bar. If your kitchen is modern, it is recommended to have a clean bar stool and design. To get more color in the room, feel free to use the pop stools. Stools made of metal integrate with any style. On the other hand, it is better to go for for wooden or retro models if your kitchen has an industrial or rustic theme. A good stool will immerse itself with the rest of the furniture in the room.

Swivel or Fixed ?

Modern furniture stores offer two types of stools. First there are the classic stools, the ones that feature a fixed design. Then, there are the swivel or rotating versions. Rotating bar stools have the benefit of being really easysit on and get access to the seat. The choice of model is actually just a matter of taste - contemporary bar stools are very popular.

Is the Backrest Important?

Again, the decision is up to the user because it's a matter of taste. For purists, there's nothing better than a good old stool that has no backrest. It offers the advantage of being easy to store, it has a unique design and it does not take much space since it can easily fit under the table. However, daily use may require a stool with a sturdy backrest for optimal comfort. In addition, the contemporary bar stools that feature a backrest is equally suitable for young and elderly people. A stool with a back support is safer for the very young and the very old.

Contemporary Bar Stools Maintenance

The maintenance of the bar stool is needed to keep the furniture in good condition for a long time. A modern, contemporary bar stool is made of 2 pieces. First there is the seat that ensures the comfort thanks to the padding. Then there's the base, that supports the weight of the user. The type of maintenance depends on the nature of these two parts.

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The Maintenance of The Seat

If it is covered with a laminated cloth, the cleaning will be done simply with soapy water. A dry sponge will be ideal to erase any trace of moisture after the operation. For a synthetic leather stool, the sponge will do the same thing. The use of unsuitable cleaning material can quickly damage the material.

Regular maintenance with a vacuum cleaner should be done every 2 months. If there are stains of grease, use talcum powder and a rag soaked in water. A mark left by a ballpoint pen will disappear if cleaned with alcohol. Nail polish it removed with a soft solvent.

Maintenance of the Base

Generally, the base is steel. This material has the characteristic of being strong enough to support any type of cleaning. A dry cloth is enough to keep it shining for a long time. Maintenance does not stop with cleaning when it comes to the main support. Using a special lubricating spray, spray each joint. Tighten the knobs or screws to eliminate any risk of accident. Unpleasant noises will disappear immediately.

Where to find Contemporary Bar Stools

Modern furniture stores are well equipped with such furniture elements. Be it modern, urban, rustic or even industrial design, you will surely find one to fit your style. Take note of the overall style of the room you will be placing it in and be creative. Choose a stool that is sturdy and will stand the test of time!