Customer Service & Feedback

We take our commitment to clients seriously.  Our style defines who we are but it’s our service that makes us really stand out from the crowd!

We Work as a Team

Our interior designers work as a team to provide you with a memorable shopping experience.  Unlike typical furniture stores, our team is not paid on individual commission and sales goals.  They work as a team to assist you in the entire process: from selection of the right pieces, ordering from our supplies and arranging delivery.  We are ALL here for YOU!

Attentive & Service Oriented

We strive to provide great service through attentive help in the showroom, online or over the phone. Our goal is to exceed your expectations!

Design Expertise

Who do you want to help when selecting the furniture, decor and lighting for your home?  A sales person or an interior designer?  Our staff is comprised of in-store design experts with backgrounds in interior design.  We truly understand you and what you’re looking for.

Professional & Personable

We strive to achieve the right balance between personable and professional.


How are we doing?  We want to hear from you!