Looking for thoughts on how to introduce simplicity into your home design? For those embarking on the challenge, you’ll first want to consider exactly what style you’re going for. Contemporary, modern, classic? Bright and sunny, or muted and cozy? Whichever category your design plans fall into, there are a few things you’ll want to consider for the sake of simplicity.

Get Rid of the Clutter

According to Becoming Minimalist, the average home has around 300,000 items. So before you launch into a full-scale redesign and add more items, it’s a good idea to go through your house and toss out old or seldom-used items. Places such as on top of tables, on counters, and at the bottom of closets are great areas to start with! Clutter can make a space feel smaller than it is, and it can add to the “busy” feeling that you’re probably trying to avoid. So before you start shopping for new pieces and picking out paint colors, try giving your home a thorough decluttering.

Choose Neutral Colors

Redoing your home design is likely going to involve some new colors, whether they be on the walls or in the new decor. If you’re going for simplicity, it might be best to stick with neutral colors. According to remodeling experts, neutral colors include earthy tones like white, gray and black. These colors are classics for a reason: they match with anything and everything, they never really go out of style, and they all mix and match with each other nicely. Using neutrals will also help you decoratesince everything will match with at least one of these colors, you won’t have to purchase a wide variety of decor in different shades to achieve a certain look.

Adopt a Minimalist Mindset

Many minimalist principles can be integrated into planning for simplicity. The minimalist lifestyle may be coming into larger play as more Americans continue to work from home than ever before. According to HR Drive, 80% of the companies in a recent survey responded saying they plan to continue remote work in some capacity, so a permanent home office has now become a reality for many. If you or someone else in the house will be working from home, adopting a few minimalist traits might go nicely with simplicity in your design. Buying only as much as you get rid of for your home design, for example, will keep clutter to a minimum and help you focus.

Introducing simplicity into your home design can be a challenge. If you conduct some research and browse a few modern home stagings, however, they can provide a lot of inspiration. Your design will be simple but beautiful as a result!

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