If your interior design is looking tired and outdated, it's time for a change. It isn't necessary to replace everything in the room. Oftentimes, small changes and inexpensive updates can give your décor a fresh, new look. With some creativity, you can add life to your rooms without breaking the bank.

Adding a Rug

Area rugs can add color, define space, and change the mood of any room, whether it's a living room, dining room, or bedroom. Selecting the right size for the space isn't difficult, as most rugs come in standard dimensions such as 5 by 7 feet or 8 by 10 feet. Consider color, texture, and pattern, since all can impact the total effect you wish to make.

A rug can fade into the background of a room or add a splash of color that complements or contrasts with the dominant room color. Avoid a pattern that's too splashy or draws attention to itself. The rug fiber may also be a factor; in high-traffic areas or dining rooms, you want something easy to clean.

Replace Your Lights

Adding new lights is one of the more affordable changes you can make to your interior design. Replacing light fixtures can give your entire room a facelift. You may also be able to add new fixtures to illuminate dark corners.

If installing new lights isn't an option, you'll find many styles of lamps. Floor lamps can add both style and function. A floor lamp near a comfortable chair creates a cozy reading area.

Get New Kitchen Hardware

You can update the look of your kitchen for a surprisingly low cost by simply replacing the door and drawer hardware. You'll need to find hardware that fits into the existing holes in your cabinets. Drilling new holes or disguising holes exposed from the old hardware can be a problem.

Your biggest aesthetic decision will be the hardware shape and finish. Knobs and pulls come in a vast array of designs and colors. You can use the same style for both cabinet doors and drawers, or mix the styles. Before heading off to the store, browse some photos to see what style you prefer.

If your budget won't allow an extensive redecorating project, don't despair. With just a small investment, you can bring new life to your interior design. A few creative touches can make a world of difference.

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