It can be hard to figure out how to make your room unique. While you may have a specific color you are interested in, a design that you love, or a furniture item you adore, how do you bring it all together in one uniform package? The answer is simple: through lots of research and selecting your favorites.

Use Your Style of Furniture

First, you should buy the kind of furniture that you prefer. You should choose a specific room theme so that everything feels cohesive, and this is a good place to start! Once you have decided on the furniture type, you can move on to more precise qualities like colors, size, and practicality.

A lot of people like furniture items that can double as light storage. Many beds, couches, and tables offer small areas you can store items around your home. This helps minimize clutter and focuses guests on the designs you have worked so hard on. According to Lonny, furniture should always come first when designing your room.

Add Color

It’s perfectly reasonable to add a splash of color to a white and bland room. According to Pierce Design + Build, adding your favorite color is a great way to insert your personality into your bedroom. While you may be tempted to get a paintbrush and drop cloth and go at the walls, you should be wise in how you choose to add color to your room.

Paint is a much more permanent solution to an otherwise easy-to-fix solution. You can add color by hanging art, posters, lighting, and other decorations on your walls. These should complement the furniture you have picked out, and make you feel vibrant as you step inside.

Show Off Your Hobby

If you are passionate about something, according to Living Well Spending Less, you need to show it in your room. People should be able to step into your room and guess some of your personality traits and interests just based on your room’s appearance. Otherwise, the design is not yours and comes across as generic and empty. This is an injustice to yourself!

Show off what makes you tick. Embrace your interests and make them resonate throughout the room. For example, if you love books, make a little library with a message board saying a quote from one of your favorite stories.
These are a few ways you can make your room unique. It should tell the story of you. You can design it well while still keeping things approachable for your guests. They will be impressed by your room’s self-encapsulation.
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