The rustic contemporary home is not the old family cabin in the woods. Though with a little work it could be. Rustic contemporary design features crisp clean lines with natural materials such as wood, metals and stone. While the looks may seem a bit weathered it is anything but. Rather rustic contemporary says that it has taken something old and made it new again.

You can’t put just any kind of furniture in this type of design. Instead, the use of rustic contemporary furniture is used to fill the space with life and give each room a character all its own. It is often unique in looks and styling, giving the impression that it is a one of a kind piece from a by gone era.

Organic Dining Table & Chairs

While the words rustic contemporary may seem like an oxymoron it is anything but. Today’s contemporary furniture is characterized by sharp clean lines and the use of new metals and construction techniques that make it totally unique. In contrast rustic furniture is typically clean and functional furniture made with simple raw materials such as wood and metals. Often rustic furniture is made with reclaimed materials that are chosen for their weathered look and character. When you combine the two styles you have furniture that is characterized with the sharp, clean and simple lines of contemporary furniture and the heavy use of natural materials like wood and rustic metals to make rustic contemporary furniture.

"Contemporary and rustic design styles are very similar..."
In truth, contemporary and rustic design styles are very similar. Both styles favor simple, clean lines and encourage function over the ornate. Contemporary designs are more urban in their styling while rustic designs are decidedly more country in their motif. Because the styles are similar in nature they can find their way into almost any home. Rustic contemporary styling can be equally at home in an urban loft space or mountain getaway.

Boulevard Urban Living highlights the rustic contemporary style throughout its collections of quality furnishings. The Organic dining table and chairs exemplify the use of wood and metal giving a dining space a clean and simple look with the uniqueness that metal and wood together bring out.

The heavy look of rustic leather gives the tufted Birmingham sofa that comfortable look that says “sit down, put your feet up, and relax awhile”. Paired with the York cocktail table made with polished aluminum, accented with leather and topped with tempered glass these pieces give any living room that rustic contemporary feel.

Birmingham SofaBirmingham Sofa[/caption]


These days nothing says contemporary like the use of reclaimed materials. You can find that in this rustic bedroom. The Vintage bed is made with reclaimed pine planks as is the dresser. The reclaimed materials give these simple pieces a one of a kind character.

Vintage Bed and Dresser

No matter where your home is located, the use of rustic contemporary furniture and design gives you that comfortable home with character. The materials used give each piece a unique look and makes your home stand out as one of kind. At Boulevard Urban Living we have the right pieces to give you that rustic contemporary look.