8 Decorating Tips For A Productive Space

The home office. Once a place where your father had piles of paper stacked in seemingly random piles. Had you asked, he would have told you that he could find anything in those piles. It was organized in his eyes. Yeah, right. Today’s office is different. With more and more people working from home it is a place for productivity. Yet for others it is a personal space for hobbies or relaxation. It’s no long the dumping ground for bills and coupons.  Instead of closing the doors and pretending it doesn’t exist make it a usable space that has a purpose and character beyond being a place to stack papers.

Here are 8 things to consider when coming up with a home office design.


1. Define Your Space

In defining the home office space it’s important to decide what its function is going to be. Is it a place to work quietly on the computer? Is it a space where you want to be able to curl up and read a good book? Or is it a space to listen to or perform music? Knowing its function will tell you what type of furniture you need for it.


2. You Need A Space To Work

This can be a simple table or an elaborate desk with drawers. Take the Bodhi Tango writing desk for example. Simple clean lines with some storage in the desk itself. Its clear surface lends itself to a variety of uses. You can use it as a computer desk, a place to write bills or a surface to lay out hobby materials. The point is that you need to decide how elaborate you want this work surface to be.



3. Seating Is A Must

No one wants to have an office and stand all the time so seating is a must. Depending on the size of your office space it may include one or more chairs or even a small couch. A comfortable yet functional chair such as a Boutique Office Chair might be just the right piece if you actually want to get work done. But, a comfortable leather chair or sofa might be just the thing if this is a space for relaxation as well as getting things done.


4. Choose The Correct Lighting

Don’t be kept in the dark and consider lighting in your home office design. Lighting is a necessity in the office. Over all lighting can be achieved with either a ceiling mounted fixture or large floor lamp. But since a home office is a work space it needs to include task lighting such as a table lamp.




5. Make Your Power Supply Accessible

There is nothing worse than setting up your perfect office space and then realizing that you just covered all the electrical outlets with heavy furniture. Let’s face it, everything we use today requires power. Your computer, tablet or cell phone needs to have access to electricity. So when setting up your home office make note of where your power supply is and avoid making it inaccessible for your needs.


6. Storage Space Is Key

Storage spaces. This could be book shelves, cabinets or filing drawers. But because it’s serviceable doesn’t mean it can’t be attractive. The Adler Home Office collection’s rustic contemporary design makes any home office feel like a retreat rather than a work place. But the serviceable hutch and shelving unit fit the need for storage space in the office.




7. Choose Paint Colors That Inspire

Think about paint color for your home office design. Dark tones make a space seem cozy and inviting, lighter tones make it feel alive and airy. If you use your home office for work and you are making big deals on the phone you don’t want to be sitting in a room that says “hey, sit down and relax awhile”. Conversely if your office is your place of relaxation do you really want it to say “get up and let’s get busy.” Give thought as to what you are doing in your office and pick colors that enhance that level of productivity.


8. Make It Personal

Don’t forget to put some of yourself in there when decorating your home office. After all, this is your space.  Mementos of your achievements, photos of people or places that have inspired you. Décor is a personal thing so put items in your office that have meaning to you. A space that breaths familiarity encourages a person to be free thinking and productive.


These 8 items should give you a good head start in defining a personal office space and setting a productive yet personal setting for work, hobbies or just getting those few minutes of peace and quiet. The right home office design will not only make your day more productive but it will give you peace of mind as well.