The recent global pandemic of Covid-19 has inspired many homeowners to give their homes a facelift. With the extra time you’re probably spending in your home, you might be interested in re-doing one or all of the rooms in your house. Starting your home makeover with your bedroom is a great idea for many reasons. Keep reading to find out why!

You Need a Sanctuary

Starting with your bedroom is a great way to prepare a sanctuary for yourself during future interior renovations. You will need a place to retreat, rest, and relax. A bedroom is not just a place to sleep; it’s a place to brainstorm, to practice self-care, and to spend time with those you love (including and especially yourself!) Start your home makeover by brainstorming ways you can make your bedroom a better sanctuary that can facilitate your relaxation needs!

The Effect is Noticeable

Even minor alterations and improvements in a bedroom can have major changes. If you want to save most of your budget to renovate other areas of your home, go for it! But make sure to plan at least a few meaningful improvements for your bedroom that will make it feel fresh and full of good energy. Replacing the windows in a bedroom can have major effects. Not only will new windows update your chosen design aesthetic, but new windows can also lower your monthly utility payment by increasing the efficiency of your insulation.

Set a Pattern of Good Design

In addition to creating a sanctuary for yourself, starting your home makeover with your bedroom is a great way to try out design ideas for the rest of your house. If you’re interested in a certain color scheme or piece of furniture, trying it out in your bedroom can help you decide if you want to use the same aesthetic for the rest of your home. Let your bedroom facilitate a place of creation, experimentation, and innovation. As you create your dream bedroom, you’ll likely receive inspiration for the design of other parts of your house.

Starting your home makeover with your bedroom is a great idea. It will provide you a sanctuary where you can rest from the labors of other interior restorations. Even small enhancements will be noticeable in your bedroom. Renovating your bedroom will also help you set a pattern of good design that will prove useful throughout the rest of your interior improvements.

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